Our Programs


 One of the main benefits of taking one-on-one classes is that each lesson is 100% adapted to your needs and goals, and the classes are conducted at your own pace. You're welcome to choose the day and time for the classes, the frequency of your lessons and even their length.  


Our small groups start with a minimum of 2 students and have a maximum of 6 students. Typically a small group is populated with around 4 students. The advantages of taking classes in a small group is that you get to interact and practice Spanish with other people and you get to learn from one another. The length of the class is 1.5 hours once a week. Our Groups are internally made.


Our semi-private group is a great opportunity for you and a partner, friend, co-worker or spouse to learn Spanish together. The group is formed only by 2 people and we give you the same benefits as a private student. 


Can't make it to our location or live in another state or country, don't hesitate anymore! Our teachers are ready for a one-on-one online experience with you. We even have specialized courses online for specific needs.