About Us



District Spanish was established in 2016 by Gerardo Domínguez. Gerardo was working as a Coordinator for another Spanish School that closed its doors. That opened up an opportunity to take over and start this new venture. 

Ever since, District Spanish has been growing and making meaningful connections with our students and staff that make this place a great place to learn Spanish.



District Spanish is a Spanish education center that encourages and motivates students to proactively reach their language learning objectives. We promote student and teacher relationships, customize learning curriculum, and provide great and effective spaces and services to reach customer satisfaction. We have a passionate team of language coaches who guide our students to reach their full potential. At District Spanish, students immerse themselves in the culture of Spanish-speaking countries, with the ultimate goal of having a fun time learning.



District Spanish wants to foster Spanish immersion inside and outside of the classroom by building a strong Spanish-speaking community, compiling a wealth of language resources, and having an array of cultural immersion activities to encourage the learning experience.