About our Group Classes

Interested in practicing your communication skills while meeting other people with similar interests and goals to have as classmates? Are you on a budget but are eager to start learning? We believe our groups may just be the right option for you. 

Some of the benefits of Group Classes are:

  1. Benefit from others: The interesting part of a group is that knowledge is shared. Correction of an individual benefits the group. We all learn from everyone’s mistakes and accomplishments. Trusting relationships are made that give us that extra push to continue in the journey to learn a new language.
  2. Scheduling in advance: On the first class of the group’s package, we all get together and decide the schedule for the total amount of lessons bought. This allows you to plan your other commitments without worry.
  3. Comfortable space: We offer a quiet and comfortable space to learn in, alongside the many exciting resources offered by our work environment.

How groups are formed and when do they start?

Groups are formed by student demand. This means that as students start to sign up with us, we start thinking of ways to match you up with new or current groups based on:

  1. Similar level of Spanish
  2. Similar availability
  3. Similar interests

How to Join?

To start group classes this is what we have to do:

  • Sign up for our intro class. This is essential to us. We’ll learn a lot about you,  measure your level in Spanish and talk about your needs and goals, and we’ll be able to place you into the right group. You also get about an hour of classes for just $20, that is a deal.

  • Once we get your Spanish skill level and we know about your interests, we will match you with a classmate or introduce you to and ongoing group.

  • You’ll have a trial session. You’ll buy your first class with the group and meet your classmates and tutor - get a taste of what you’ll be investing your time and money into. If you like the group then you stay, as simple as that.

Group Size

The benefit of forming group by demand or internally is that we can start groups with 2 people! 

Our groups sizes range between a minimum of 2 students to a maximum of 6 students per group.

Group Classes are just the right size to have you maximize your speaking time. 

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